Here’s How Your Pajamas Just Got Cooler!

by Nikki Dodani Instagram

This post was originally posted on The Nikki Standard and republished with permission. 

Ladies, you may have recently seen women wandering down the street in what appears to be their pajamas—and while I can’t for certain say they aren’t all just actually in their nightwear (I see you college kids and party goers, no judgment here)—if they look polished, it is safe to say they are making a fashion statement. That’s right, pajama-styled attire is in trend right now.

At first, you seriously may think it’s a bit odd to wear your pajamas with a top or your favorite bottoms, but take a chance and you may be surprised at how chic you look—and how at ease you feel! I took on the trend by picking up a satin pajama top and donning it with my wax-coated ripped jeans and loafers. For my top layer (surprise, surprise), my favorite jacket kept me warm from the winter cold front. To take this outfit straight into the night, I pinned my hair back for a fancy touch and added a choker, a lariat chain, and some Aztec rings.

We’re definitely taking pajamas out of their comfort zone by rocking them in the streets!

Check out how I wore my pajama top out from day to night to see how you can get in on this comfortable trend.





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