American Muslim Women: Your Vote Mattered

your vote mattered

by Naila Sheikh

Yesterday was a day we will surely not forget. A day when hopes were shattered, the glass ceiling remained untouched and minorities, women and all “underdogs” of society gathered to see history take place.

In those endless hours of counting, contemplating and predicting, the result was finally revealed and with tired eyes and hopeful souls, we stuck to our TV screens for our hearts to be broken–soon to be followed with utter disbelief and horror in our homes, communities and around the world.

As we are all processing the outcome of Election Day, I would urge each one of you to not become skeptical, to not withdraw yourselves from doing great things or become disheartened with our new POTUS.

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Those who say that their vote didn’t matter and was useless should take a look at their surroundings–the freedoms and rights we practice in a country where we can at the least partake in our Democracy.

Because going to vote was easier than grocery shopping or dropping your kids off at school. Because we are spoiled with conveniences around us and still we find excuses to hold ourselves back. Because we are extremely privileged to be living in this country and to be calling ourselves American Muslims.

To my sisters, please make this an opportunity to learn from past mistakes.

Just wearing Muslim attire, covering your head with scarves, does not make you stand out or more faithful. What it does is show that you live by principle, with dignity and care no matter what soil you live on.

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As true Muslims, trying to instill Taqwa (righteousness) in our children, we must become a beacon of excellence. We must take an interest. We must partake in societal matters–be it your kids’ schools, volunteering, getting educated, writing or pursuing any type of art. We must interact and participate in our communities.  Apart from wives, mothers, daughters and sisters, WE are individuals with unlimited potential.

If we aren’t ambitious if we can’t see beyond our four walls, then what will we teach our children? We must become an essential part of society.

Now more than ever.

NailaNaila Sheikh resides with her husband and two kids in Houston, TX. Born and raised in Holland, she has a keen interest to keep up with the current affairs around the world. Her everyday life, apart from playing mommy, also consists of Food Blogging on her website:

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