Ayesha Syeddah

Hi, I’m Ayesha! My journey began in Pakistan and after a whirlwind tour of five other countries, the beautiful city of Dublin is now home. As a Master Chef in the making (one can wish!), I bring flavour from each place that was once home to the feast. But the staple has and always will be the garam masala. When I’m not busy being dramatic (pun intended) and performing on stage, I’m writing with a cup of chai - whether that’s journaling, blogging or developing stories to perform. When the task of being a creative is too arduous, I’ll either be lost in some corner of the world - eating and dancing my hours away or nose deep in a book (HP nerd right here!) or collecting - from memories to sneakers, recipes to lipsticks. My inspiration to create is rooted in finding ways to make people feel my presence through my words. I write with the hope that my words give people the courage to share theirs.