Miranda Deebrah

Miranda Deebrah is an unconventional Indo-Guyanese writer, performer and storyteller. Born in Guyana, descending from the indentured laborers who left India and never went back, she is proud of her roots and heritage from both the Caribbean and the South Asian continent. An advocate for underrepresented voices not yet heard and the stories not yet told, she is passionate about the arts and their ability to create change in the world, and hopes to make her own contributions to increase representation and visibility for her community through her work and interests. Her interests include smashing glass ceilings, dyeing her hair fun and unnatural colours (it is currently purple!), spending evenings at the theatre, reenacting choreography from Lady Gaga’s music videos, pursuing her circus career dreams as a flying trapeze artist, and making all kinds of magic happen. Learn more about her adventures at mirandarachel.com.