Our Honour is Greater Than Our “Purity”

My Honour

My honour was kept between my legs
And for years it led to matters of unrest.

It wasn’t a place for me to see,
It wasn’t a place to even be seen.

“He who shall circle around the fires with you,
Would be commanded by the gods to discover you”

Years have passed and fires burnt out the land is still barren,
until my fingers were found.

I let out a sigh, I let out a moan
While the patriarchy looks at me as their secrets, I unfold

“Your body is a temple, respect it”
Well I am a Hindu and “Gita” states “to please the gods that reside within it”

“But this is a sin”

My Sins are termed bigger than Rape,
My Sins are termed bigger than the innocent womxn the society has framed.

They bow in front of Ganga, while another Rapist is set free,
They bow in front of Ganga while another womxn is burnt, and the assaulters yet again set free.

I stand there shouting on the top of my lungs, yet my voice doesn’t qualify their “checks”
It’s then when I realize that the biggest matter will always be the relationship of my fingers and the space between my legs.

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By Muskaan Hakhu

Muskaan is a Kashmiri based in Australia. She is a writer, podcaster and radio show host. She strongly believes in … Read more ›