How my Son Taught me to be Happy

how my son taught me to be happy

Today I am sharing how my son taught me to happy and not stress about everything that life throws at us. Sometimes our children teach us the best lessons through their innocent ways.

If there is anything more certain to cause you distress: it is trying to be something you are not. Don’t live life for other people for fear of being judged or shamed because that only leads to resentment over time. You will definitely end up regretting not marrying who you love, not pursuing your dream career, or not speaking up against what you know is wrong.

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Something I learned from my son Adam is: Whatever it is that is stressing you out, whatever is keeping you from living your best life—because everyone’s got something—if there is anything that can cure, it is laughter. I’ll be smack in the middle of scolding him for misbehaving, threatening to take away one electronic device after another, and he will start making faces (like below) or, get ready for this, he can just will himself to fart, and of course, we will all bust out laughing.

how my son taught me to be happy

Side note: I learned in my stand up 101 class at Second City that farts are indeed, always funny. Not the highest form of humor, but it gets the job done.

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Moral of the story: No matter how bad the situation, it is never as bad as we think. All you need to do is to be yourself, focus on what’s real, and find something to laugh about. And this is how my son taught me to be happy.

In other words: Don’t be a clone of someone else, just be a clown!

Who knew this little goofball would be teaching me life lessons??

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By Zahra Sandberg

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