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Irrfan Khan Proves he Can do a Bollywood Party Dance Number Better Than Any Hero

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by Trisha Sakhuja

First he made a splash in his latest Hollywood film “Jurassic World” and now he’s taking the Internet by storm with an epic AIB spoof, “Every Bollywood Party Song.”

In AIB’s latest video, Irrfan Khan teaches the boys how to do a typical Bollywood party dance number by crushing Yo Yo Honey Singh’s “Party all Night” song.

With catchy lyrics and hilarious dance moves, the music video, which has now seen more than 2 million views on YouTube, also comes with an interesting, must-watch story line. Khan, and what seems like his sidekick/manager, repeatedly say they do not want to brag about Khan’s colorful acting career but find themselves in trap when the AIB troupe tells Khan they have never seen him do a typical Bollywood party dance song.

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And that’s when the real magic starts! With lots of alcohol, sexy, tall women in bikinis at a club, Khan is the perfect guy to spoof on Bollywood’s infamous party dance songs that include nothing but rubbish, vulgar, misogynistic lyrics and lots of objectifying of women.

Who else could make such a bold statement about the type of music Bollywood fans love than the great Khan and AIB?

On a more serious note: Will Bollywood ever stop making cheap music videos that sell for all the wrong reasons?

Warning: Do not watch this video in a quiet area because you will LOL.


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