Meet The Staff: Karishma Desai

by Karishma Desai

Hello Brown Girl readership!

I’m an emerging multimedia journalist, looking to break into the TV news industry. News junkie by day and professional dreamer by night, I like to think of possible solutions to problems that society faces. My main interests are in health policy and researching the state of health care for disadvantaged populations. However, I enjoy writing for several beats.

As a journalist, I hope to be a voice to the voiceless and cover stories that are under-reported. Through my experience at Brown Girl Magazine, I have been able to work on becoming a versatile writer and analyze topics that are often silenced.

I am looking forward to starting my M.S. in Journalism at Boston University this fall. Being a history buff and foodie makes me even more excited to be in Boston soon! I was a former Videotape Operations Intern at UNC-TV (PBS affiliate) and currently contribute dance reviews for the IndyWeek.

Speaking of dance, I have studied Bharatanatyam for 16 years, Ballet for two years and Modern Dance for a year. Being informed about my Indian heritage while experiencing American culture has helped me come to terms with the confusion that often comes with being an Indian-American.

That said, I especially enjoy hanging out with my friends, who all come from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. Observing the hardships I have seen some peers face, I have come to appreciate all of the opportunities that my parents have worked hard to provide. Therefore, I have decided to help others who may not be as fortunate.

During my free time, I enjoy a lot of hobbies and activities – trying new restaurants, shopping off clearance racks, watching Netflix, coffee dates and jogging trails.

While I have lived the majority of my life on the East Coast, I hope to return to my sunny birthplace, Los Angeles!

If you want to check out my work, then you can visit my website or my online portfolio.

Karishma Desai Recently accepted into Boston University’s MS Journalism program, Karishma B. Desai freelances for the award-winning IndyWeek and was a former intern for UNC-TV (North Carolina’s PBS Affiliate). When she’s not writing articles at Starbucks, you can find her videotaping a new adventure for YouTube or interviewing inspirational people for a documentary. She is a city girl who is working towards her dreams of becoming a TV reporter focusing on health policy.

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