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Poem: ‘The Beauty of Switzerland’

2 min read

by Veena Ramaswamy

The miniature and multicolored cables cars
Set off in a blink of an eye from side to side
While penetrating through the immeasurable
Atmosphere of the natural world.

The majestic summit
ascends like a shimmering twilight as
misty cumulus clouds fade away behind the
incandescent, crimson, golden sun. Ice-cold,
frosty snow envelops the brown colored,
life-size mountains.

As the cable cars proceed abruptly downward,
the vast region occupies the luxuriant meadow
with black and white patterned cows. A breezy
current of air propels the evergreen trees as the
leaves collapse adequately to the flourishing grass.

The wintry weather reveals ambiance on the evergreen
trees of the detaching of the leaves. Perceiving the sound
of the jingling bells dangling from the cow’s neckline
leads to peacefulness that inhabits the expanse. 

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Veena is a simple, fun loving, & ambitious person, raised in the nation’s capital of Washington DC. She graduated from Rutgers University, NJ with a major in Economics and is currently doing her Masters in IT at Boston University. Her main principle in life is to work hard, be humble, be yourself and follow your dreams! She is also an avid learner and a creative thinker.  She has a passion for exploring new things and leveraging her talents and skills, which include nature photography, drawing, dancing as well as blogging! She is also a lifestyle blogger and has her own blog called Beyoutiful.