Taking Your Own Advice When You’re Used to Giving It

We give good advice to others, but stray away from it when it applies to us. We forget these words can impact our lives as well. If we nurture and embody our advice, we can blossom into our better versions. We could be the change we wish to see in the world. Our intuition leads us to the goals we want, so by following the footpath our advice has laid out for us, we have a better way to navigate this world.

Once we positively change ourselves, we can see these changes imitated in our world. We see banners advocating for peace because we are the first hands to hold them. We see cleaner, more fruitful environments because we took the time to water our plants and recycle our plastic. Like a domino effect, there are changes in our collective mindset, the hearts of our neighborhoods, the oceans and our biosphere. It all begins with the person we see in the mirror.

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Follow Your Advice

You have words for others
But not for yourself
You forgive the world
But not your mistakes

You advocate for change
But don’t embody it

You are your future
Your past
And present
Only if you choose
To unwrap your

The sprouting flower
Blooms from the heart of the enriched soil
But can not embrace the clouds
Without defining itself

A ripple effect
Is not conceived
Without a pebble
Grazing the hair of the sea

Nor is a movement
Without the first set of banners
The first set of progressive minds
And hearts
That align with one another

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By Sanjana Karthik

Sanjana Karthik is a grade ten student from Semiahmoo Secondary. She dedicates her time to volunteering, where she has accumulated … Read more ›