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A Brown Girl’s First Foray Into Skydiving

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In August 2019, I went skydiving in Interlaken, Switzerland, and my world turned upside down (both literally and figuratively). Formerly afraid of heights and filled with anxiety, I made the impulsive decision to jump out of a plane. While in the air, I initially regretted my decision. However, I gained a greater appreciation and wonder of my life as I viewed my normal world from a much different angle. Hopefully, this is more than just a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Skydiving raised me out of a period of pain and dark thinking. The experience was an amazing reminder that humans can push themselves to amazing lengths, and be successful if they put their minds to whatever their hearts desire.

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Live Thoughts as I’m Skydiving

I love the adrenaline
The thrill of adventure coursing inside

Scared out of my mind
I’m all over the place

Impulsive decisions are my strongest vice
Up until I’m actually out of my comfort zone

Arms flailing, deeply sinking
The wind whipping in my face

The lakes beneath me
Blue so beautifully different from the sky’s

I never imagined I’d find it so ugly from here

“I hate this” while “I’m having the time of my life”
“Talk about a panorama” but “Did I just swallow a fly?!?”

Time seems more meaningful up here

I feel like I’m looking at a board game
Everything a tenth of its size

We get closer, the distance between us smaller,
but my fear, more real
What looked so tiny, now giant, daunting

I push my legs out, ready to come back and it’s
The “ass landing” that grounds me again

And I’m thankful to the sky
I see things differently now

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