Giving Yourself the Space to Find Your own Answers

It’s easy to linger around our problems for too long. We do not give ourselves the time and space to reconnect with who we are inside. This hurts us when do not make decisions based on who we are and our values. When we are so invested in our problems, we ignore solutions that may be in unexpected places. Giving ourselves grace, breathing room and contemplation time allows us to find our inner strength. We find the support in ourselves to guide us through life’s challenges. “Time Away” emphasizes how we need to give ourselves permission to find the opportunities that help us gain insights from our intuition, and overall, make better well-adjusted decisions.

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Time Away

Sometimes the best thing you can do
Is absolve yourself
From your worries

Sometimes the worst thing you can do
Is hover around the fumes
Its ashes
Hug your skin
Ever so softly

Distance breeds clarity
Time escorts understanding
Space allows
The mind’s tectonic plates
To move

Our grounding
Aiding us to move

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By Sanjana Karthik

Sanjana Karthik is a grade ten student from Semiahmoo Secondary. She dedicates her time to volunteering, where she has accumulated … Read more ›