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Karuna Chani Preaches ‘Power Through Beauty’ in her First Makeup Masterclass

karuna chani
2 min read

by BG Staff

Brown Girl Magazine was a proud partner of Karuna Chani’s first-ever make-up masterclass. With 40 smart, hip, beautiful women in attendance, the class focused on educating and teaching women in the Indian and South Asian communities to love their beauty, enhance their beauty and reap the ‘confidence’ rewards.

Beauty topics covered included:

  1. Finding the RIGHT foundation for your skin tone.
  2. Highlighting and Contouring to perfection.
  3. A professional look to carry you through the day.
Below are photos from the class, courtesy of photographer Tara Sharma. The model for the class was none other than Brown Girl beauty guru Priya Mooky! Follow her on Instagram for all beauty updates!

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Special shoutout to our fav #browngirl Chani for hosting such an informative class.
Read below for more:

1. What did you think about the first class?  

“For the first class, I couldn’t be happier the turnout was great! We had about 40 people that attended, and each and everyone one of them was completely engrossed in the class from start to finish.”
karuna chani

2. What kind feedback did you receive after the class? 

“After the class, many of the ladies said that it was not only fun but very informative. And that the makeup techniques taught in the class seemed ‘easy enough’ to incorporate into their beauty routine. Overall, many expressed their gratitude to me for finally hosting a masterclass that focused on Indian and South Asian beauty, makeup and skincare needs.”
karuna chani

3. Tell us about your plans for a future class? 

“There will definitely be many more masterclasses to come, to continue to educate Indian and South Asian women about their beauty. Some of the classes will have higher level makeup techniques for the makeup obsessed while others will highlight specific looks that work well for everyone. As new products and makeup styles change, I will show how those looks can be utilized to highlight our beauty. I’m on a crusade to educate and share my knowledge until women begin to understand the confidence and power they can have, through making themselves look and feel their best. Power through beauty.”


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